Best Natural Swimming Pool Contractors in Perth, Australia

Best Natural Swimming Pool Contractors in Perth, Australia

Natural Swimming Pools are a complete reinvention of the chemical swimming pool: aquatic plants rooted hydroponically in gravel are used to clarify and purify the water, instead of using toxic chemicals. Natural pools use far less energy, have a smaller carbon footprint, and are more sustainable than chemical pools.

Enjoy rejuvenating, chemical-free, healthier swimming water by converting an existing swimming pool or designing a new water-scape feature as a Natural Swimming Pool. You can compare and view a list of Above Ground Natural Swimming Pools companies that can suit your home needs.

1. PASES Aqua

PASES Aqua specializes in 3D designs, conversions and construction management of freshwater natural swimming pools.

Why Choose PASES To Design Your Natural Swimming Pool?

  • To get the best results, you would need an expert that has a background in biology, pond systems, pool systems, aquatic macroinvertebrates, sterilization, and wetland function – Dr. Dulana Herath; the founder of PASES Aqua, is one of the very few experts with a strong background in all of the above
  • They have attended relevant workshops and conferences around the world evaluating Natural Swimming Pool designs, filtration, and advances in technology
  • Their designs are meticulously addressed and ensure crystal clear water with our filtration methods
  • Their costs are affordable


2/9 Merino Entrance, Cockburn Central, 6164, Australia


Perth based Add A Splash Pools is SPASA WA’s most awarded vinyl pool builder. We also specialise in concrete, fibreglass and vinyl pool renovations. We have built hundreds of pools across Perth. We know the city, we know the climate and we know which pools add the most value and enjoyment to a Perth home. From large, lavishly-landscaped pools, to small-yet-glamorous plunge pools, we’ve built them all.

1/30 Peel rd O’Connor WA 6163

(08) 9452 2422


Monday – Friday: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Closed on Saturdays and Sundays

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